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The House Auditions

We are casting for an immersive show to take place in Park Slope, Brooklyn on April 14th. All cast must be available for rehearsals in NYC and Brooklyn beginning the last week of March. Auditions and dance calls will be held the week of January 22.

The show, The House, is based on the works of Federico Garcia Lorca. The performance is site specific at an incredibly beautiful private club. All roles require intense physicality, movement and some dancing and singing. There will be improvisation and interaction with audience members. Actors must be comfortable thinking on their feet, and dealing with unexpected circumstances. All actors will have to navigate stairs during the performance.

Each character will represent multiple characters from the archetypes used in Lorca’s work. This promises to be a really fun artistic venture, unlike any other you’ve been in before. The cast and crew will receive stipends dependent on funds raised. We will be considerate of this in our rehearsal scheduling.


1 - Daughter

F 20s-30s - Any Ethnicity. A dark take on the ingenue. She is the envy of everyone in the house, however completely trapped by her circumstances. Her unhappiness leaks out in mischievous ways. In many ways she ought to be the center of the story, but somehow isn’t. Grace and movement important. Must be able to switch from one demeanor to the next rather quickly.

2 - Sister

F 30s - Any Ethnicity. The extremely sad, and “left out” sister. Very complex, seething with secret rage and blinded by jealousy. She sneaks around below the radar, occasionally exploding. Strong dance and movement. There will be an extended dance solo. Graceful. Ballet prefered.

3 - Lover

M Late 20s - 30s - Any Ethnicity. He is charming, dishonest and seductive. He is also the center of a viscous love triangle. This is a playful, dark role. He appears to be what any character or audience member wants him to be at that moment. Strong dance and movement.

4 - Lorca

M 20s-30s - Caucasian or Latin. This character will depict the historic playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. Serious, thoughtful and kind. Must be able to command audience’s attention with little language. Subtle but strong choices. Spanish speaking prefered. Strong movement and some dance.

5 - Bernarda

F 40s-50s - Any Ethnicity. Huge, commanding presence. Authoritative. Must move quickly through spaces including stairs. The fun of her, is how not fun she is. The most feared character in the play. The actor will have to find her vulnerability and humanity. Some acapella singing solos and movement.  

6 - Abuela

F - 60s - 70s - Any Ethnicity. The grandmother, as well as a soothsayer. She seems mad, but is crazy like a fox. This role will include a significant amount of audience contact including many one on one experiences. Actor must be able to keep her cool, pace her monologues, and remain in charge during one on one experiences with audience members. Story telling skills and improv will be very helpful.

7 - Servants 1 and 2

M or F - Any Age. These will be improv heavy roles. We are accepting individuals as well as improv duos. Significant audience interaction required. There will also be some movement and singing. Although, voice quality is not a huge concern. Acting experience as well as improv comedy required.

This is a highly experimental new production, and the first from Bash Entertainment and Guerrilla Theatre Lab. Because of this, stipends are dependent on our fundraiser, with the goal of $150-$200 per performer. This is true for the production and directing team as well. Please submit if you'd like to get in on the ground floor of something very exciting and unusual, work with great artists, and love theater and expression. 


Equity Showcase Code Pending

Please send all submissions to