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Lipstick Reading

What does your kiss say about you? Do your lips leave a lasting impression.. or do they whisper away your secrets? Simply leave your lipstick print on one of our cards, then sign your name. Our reader will help you discover a very private side of yourself... and then... reveal secrets about your love, relationships, career and more which even your closest friends may not know! When you see what our lipstick readers can tell from a simple kiss, you'll be more than a little shocked and amazed. Our Lipstick Readings are perfect for your grown-up party if you're looking to create an intimate, excited atmosphere. And our Lipstick Readings are ALWAYS a hit at Beauty and Fashion Events, Bat Mitzvahs, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Nights, and Slumber Parties. Thumbprint readings are available for your "lipstick shy" guests.