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Kids Activities

Kids Activities

You have the party, we’ll bring the adventure. Bash now specializes in adventure themed interactive activities for children’s parties. 



Fairy Hunt

Did you know that there are fairies living right here, in this very house? If you haven’t seen them, it’s probably because you don’t know what to look for. Have one of Bash’s fairy experts create a mysterious adventure, complete with clues, images, songs, maps and more. Guaranteed to wow your kids and keep them engaged for hours. Costume packages available as well (since everyone knows, the best way to attract a fairy, is to dress like one)


Pirate's Treasure Hunt

A pirate just arrived at your party and thinks there may be buried treasure right here in this backyarrrrrrd. Help him find it through games, songs and other activities. Our pirates come complete with costume, songs, treasure and maps. Have one of Bash’s pirates bring the adventure to you! Costume packages available as well (so everyone feels like part of the action.)


Custom Themes

Tell us about your child’s interest, and we’ll come up with a theme and activities that they will love. After all, it’s their special day. Let us help you make it one they will never forget.